“Universal Gravitation” is a kinetic shadow installation inspired by old tall mango trees that grow in the garden of Yunlin Storyhouse in Huwei, Tiwan. The original artwork was created during an artist residence program in May 2018. It was just the season for mangoes when I was staying at Yunlin Storyhouse. Mango is very common in Taiwan, but for me, who grew up in Japan, I have exotic feelings about the fruit. I felt very excited when I found small mangoes falling from the trees. 
In 2020, I published an E-book with the intention of sharing the story with a greater number of audiences. 

Chinese text translated by Li-fang Tang(唐麗芳)
The production of Universal Gravitation was sponsored by Yunlin Storyhouse

Special Thanks to: 
Shiow-shiang Huang (黃秀香)
Jhuang-hao Ou 歐顓豪

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