The Ocean Inside You, The Ocean Inside MeĀ is commissioned for a special exhibition at Nanyao Temple, which is one of the oldest cultural heritages in Changhua, Taiwan. The artwork reflects the ideas of the ocean, which are inspired by the concept of Mazu, the sea goddess and the religious symbol of the temple. The resulting artwork is a site-specific multi-media installation that is comprised of two components. The first one is a video projection that features footages of the seascapes of Taiwanese coasts (shot in several different locations) with a subtle ambient sound. The second component is a statue of the Mazu goddess cast out of hard candy encased in an infinitely mirrored vitrine. The overall color scheme of this installation is set to light pink tone, implying the feminity and sensuality of the goddess. The fragility and transparency of the hard candy also refer to the dynamic and changeable nature of the ocean.
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