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BUBBLE DYNAMISM : through physical and metaphorical world


My work creates a membrane that shifts viewer's perception in physical and cognitive spaces. Through the lenses of phenomenological and sociological studies, I explore clear materials,such as glass, water, melted sugar and light. Those materials are indeterminate and elusive. They are poised for change.

My interest for materials that shift to one state to other state comes from my earlier experience with economic bubbles and glass bubbles. I spent my adolescence in Japan in 1990's when the immense Japanese economic bubble bubble burst after its inflation. What seemed to be stable yesterday is not stable today– this drastic shift in social value system was branded on my memory as a strong feeling of changeability.

As one of my artistic practices, I have been traned as a glassblower for a long time. My activity in a glass shop was a never-ending succession of making and breaking bubbles. Eventually, I was determined to utilize the volatility of physical and social bubbles in my work, rather than being afraid of them.

Transparency and fluidity become important keywords in my studio practice. I juggle with vulnerbility and unstableness during the creation processes. The transparency of the materials I use manifestos presence and absence at the same time. My installations and sculptures change their appearance over time, emphasizing the dynamism of momentum.